Castings of grey cast iron

We supply all types of castings of grey cast iron in small, medium and big series.
Materials: EN-GJL 200, EN-GJL 250

• Weight: from 0.1 kg to 150 kg
• The formation technology: DISA 230C - plate’s size 675x550 mm / 200-405 mm with an automatic pouring device, DISA 280C - plate’s size 1200x1050 mm/ 250-675 mm with an automatic pouring device, LORAMENDI, plate’s size 675x550 mm
• The core technology: hot - box , cold - box.
• Metal melting: Cupola furnace, induction furnace with medium frequency of 2 x 60 kN capacity
• Casting equipment design and construction
• mechanical treatment
• surface treatment: powder painting, immersed painting with ecological paints, hot galvanizing, zinc galvanizing, CDP
• Assembly