Ductile Iron Castings

We supply all types of castings of Ductile Iron Castings in small, medium and large series.

Materials: EN-GJS 400-18, EN-GJS 400-15, EN-GJS 450-10, EN-GJS 500-7, EN-GJS 600-3EN-GJS-350-22-LT, EN-GJS-350-22-RT, EN-GJS-400-18-LT, EN-GJS-400-18-RT

• Weight: from 0.5 kg to 150 kg
• The formating technology: automatic moulding line with vertical division and variable forming chamber LORAMENDI VMM5070C, chamber’s size 600x480x300 mm and 675x550x300 mm, HWS- plate’s size 650x800 mm/300-350 mm
• The core technology hot - box , cold - box.
• Metal melting: two crucible furnace with medium frequency of 7 Mg capacity
• Mechanical treatment on CNC machines
• Surface treatment: powder painting, immersed painting with ecological paints, hot galvanizing, zinc galvanizing, CDP
• Assembly