Foundry machinery


Our company GUSS-EX Ltd., established in 1989, is a supplier of castings and forged parts to the European industrial companies. Headquarters of our company is located in Warsaw. GUSS-EX is 100% Polish ownership company.

Our main activity is supplying and complete servicing the customers with metallic parts and services:

  • grey iron castings
  • nodular iron castings
  • cast steel
  • light alloy castings (e.g. Al, Zn; die and pressure)
  • forged parts
  • machining of castings, forged and steel parts
  • surface coating (e.g. Zn, cataphoresis, powder coating)
  • quality testing and management
  • packaging and transport.

Our production methods include:

  • induction furnace melting and cupola melting
  • horizontal flask moulding lines up to 2000x1200x900mm
  • vertical flaskless moulding lines up to 1200x1050mm (Disamatic, Loramendi)
  • hot-box and cold-box core manufacturing
  • lost wax investment castings
  • high precision and repeatability CNC machines.

Due to our expertise in suppling castings to some of the biggest companies in Europe, we guarantee our Clients:

  • In-depth analysis of specific product needs
  • Production methods best suited for the specific application
  • Highest quality at competitive price
  • Hassle-free delivery of final product (including additional processes such as machining, surface protection)
  • Quality management
  • Logistics service

Our company employs highly qualified engineering staff. We also have ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate awarded by TUV Rheinland.

We guarantee short production start times and high quality of supplied goods while maintaining competitive prices.

Our foundry has over 100 years of tradition and has implemented modern, most advanced foundry equipment. Apart from that, we work with many of our partner foundries in Poland, which we are bound by contracts.

Among our customers there are renowned companies from household appliances, automotive, machinery and water supply industries.

We are interested in establishing long term cooperation relationship in field of deliveries of castings and other metallic parts.