Castings and Forgings

We know everything about castings.

GUSS-EX Company, established in 1989, supplies the Polish and European market with grey and ductile cast iron castings as well as non-ferrous metal alloy castings.

Machine forming technologies:

Moulding lines Pattern plate dimensions
Vertical mould division
DISAMATIC 2013 600×480 mm
LORAMENDI EVMM5070C 675×550 mm
DISA 270A 950×700 mm
DISA 230-C 675×550 mm
DISA 280-C 1200×1050 mm
DISAMATIC D3-Z 750×570 mm
DISA 750×525 mm
DISA 500×400 mm
DISAMATIC 2070B 950×800 mm
DISAMATIC 2013B 650×535 mm
DISAMATIC D3 Z555 750×570 mm
Moulding lines Pattern plate dimensions
Vertical mould division
DISA MATCH 28”/32” 813×711 mm
SAVELLI 1000×800 mm
HWS 800×650 mm
HWS 600×450 mm
DISA MATCH 713х613 mm
DISA MATCH 813×813 mm
HWS 850×700 mm
Position FKT 1212 1120x1120x350 mm
SAVELLI 1400 x 965 mm
FBO-IV 710×610 mm
OMEGA 2200×1400 mm
Hand moulding technology
Flask dimensions (examples)

Castings in single quantities and small series, weighing up to 10,000 kg, are delivered as hand-formed or on shock-pressing moulding machines.
Cores are manufactured using the hot-box or cold-box method.

For all above-mentioned technologies, we make foundry pattern tooling, depending on the needs, of metal, resin or wood.

We make aluminum castings in moulds, in sand moulds and in pressure moulds.

Our offer

The main recipients of our products are manufacturers operating in the machine building industry, automotive, electrotechnical, gas and energy equipment, and the water and sewage industry.


Depending on the application, castings are subjected to more or less complex machining on the most modern CNC machining centers or conventional ones:

  • turning
  • milling
  • drilling
  • grinding
  • threading

We offer surface finishing in various processes:

  • cataphoretic painting
  • dip and spray painting
  • powder painting
  • hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating

Depending on the needs, we also offer heat treatment.

We provide services in the field of:

  1. optimization of technical and technological solutions,
  2. organization of the production of castings with production of necessary casting tooling,
  3. complementary operations (machining, painting, galvanizing),
  4. quality control and testing,
  5. packing and delivery.

We offer short deadlines for implementing new projects and competitive prices.

We have the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certificate

We can provide the following tests and certificates:

  • acceptance test certificates according to PN-EN 10204
  • measurement reports
  • test results (ultrasonic, x-ray, microstructures, etc.)