Our products

Shot blast machines with overhead conveyor type “H”

Shot blasting machines with an overhead conveyor for continuous operation, type “CH”

Shot blasters with troughed belt type “B”

Śrutownice do blach i profili

Shot blasting machines for sheets and profiles type “PAP”

Śrutownice tunelowe

Tunnel shot blast machines with suspended rail type “TOR”

Rotary table shot blast machines type “T”

Shot blasting machines with mesh conveyor type “MC”

Śrutownice do prętów

Bar shot blasting machines type “BAR”

Śrutownice do rur

Pipe shot blasting machines “PIP”

Shot blasting machines for a single wire thread, type “SIW”

Shot blasting machines for gas cylinders type “GAB”

“CDR” dust collection filters

komory śrutownicze,

Shot blasting chambers type “KOM”

Special purpose shot blasters