Castings and Forgings


GUSS-EX on clients’ request, produces impression die forgings, open-die forged and close-die forged. Our offer is addressed to client from: mining industry and energy industry, railway, petrochemical, naval and shipbuilding industry, agricultural machines, automotive, transport and construction industries.
In terms of moulds we produce, we provide services like heat treatment, mechanical treatment, blasting, bending and mechanical and non destructive tests. The quality of offered moulds is controlled by Quality Control Service, which is provided with advanced measuring and checking devices.

GUSS-EX offers forgings:

  • impression die forgings – weight from 0.2 to 60kg.
  • open-die forged – weight up to 6000kg.
  • close-die forged – weight up to 6000kg.

We offer forgings of the following materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, alloys of aluminium and copper.
On clients’ request, we offer forgings in the following states: raw, heat treated, mechanical treated, including tests: mechanical property, ultrasonic, metallographic.

Forging equipment includes:

  • forging press lines
  • forging machines
  • mechanical presses 1000; 1300; 1600; 1800; 2500; 4000; 6300 T
  • presses 500; 1250; 1600 T
  • friction-coupling 150 T
  • hammers 1; 2; 3; 5 T